K's Junktique-Plaster Paint Arkansas

About us!

K's Junktique-Plaster Paint Arkansas is a fun clothing boutique with a unique, creative flair. Owned by the Keaster sisters, this talented pair shares their love for trendy items you simply can't find anywhere else. With an eclectic range of clothing, jewelry and accessories along with home decor and up-cycled furniture galore, you'll soon see why this Junktique is such a gem among shoppers! Standing behind big sellers such as Plaster Paint, these sisters utilize this versatile paint to transform tired furniture pieces into works of art! With a broad range of colors and so many ideas, the possibilities are without end!

If you want a commissioned piece, they can make it happen so you can own something that's truly unique to you! It's the Keaster sisters' goal to ensure that every custom walks away with something special; something that's unlike anything else. So whether you're seeking to expand your wardrobe or just find that unique piece to upgrade your living space, we welcome you here!

The Keaster sisters

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